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Remy’s Box is inspired from the animated Disney movie ‘RATATOUILLE’ The chef has a helper which is a rat named ‘Remy’ and he dreams of being an extraordinary chef Remy has good culinary skills, gifted with the highly developed taste and smell and is a great help to the chef

  • Organic and Fresh Ingredients
  • Time and Resources Savvy
  • Healthier and Vegan options
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

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Baking Kits

with pre-measured-ingredients to help you get started with baking

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which are already made just for you!


of subscription kits and treats made right to your doorstep

Faq Questions

It was co-created by 4 Singapore Polytechnic students whom passion is to bake. We have always found some complications when it comes baking, be it too time consuming or too wasteful. Hence, since we figure that other aspiring chefs may encounter the same problems as well, we started Remy’s Box as a solution to all these problems. A little helper to make you a baker.

Remy’s box aims to introduce baking as a simple and easy hobby that all genders and ages can enjoy. The most tedious part of baking is the sourcing and measuring of ingredients. Our company wants to cut out this tedious task by offering pre-packaged ingredients delivered straight to the customers doorstep for their convenience. The company hopes to cut down time spent on the banal aspect of baking while to maintaining the authenticity of baking. Unlike cake mixes that require the users to add in eggs and milk, our customers will be able to enjoy the process of baking, such as creaming the butter and the sugar, or folding the dry ingredients into the wet ingredient.

Yes, you are able to buy in bulk. We also provide a special discount of 5% if the total amount of baked goods ordered exceeds 250.

Currently, we not provide any custom orders. Although, this may change after our company becomes more successful.

Yes, we do! Sign up and upload pictures of your creations to get a chance to become our partner. By being our partner, you can gain various benefits such as 10% profit from the sale of your goods.....

Subscription Kits

Our main product is the ‘To Make’ subscription box. Customers will get a box of ingredients to make the predetermined baked good of the month. Another product is the ‘To Eat’ subscription service.

‘To Eat’ subscribers get a surprise baked goods sent right to their doorsteps each month.

The last product is the ‘To Eat & Make’‘To Eat & Make’ which includes both a set of surprise ingredients as well as the baked good.

Pastries & Goods

Besides the monthly subscription boxes, customers can also pre-order baked goods for functions or events or purchase pre-packaged ingredients from our website. We also have a starter kit for beginners that includes basic bakeware such as spatula, cake pan, and cookie sheet.


At least one day in advance. This allows us to have substantial time to bake and prepare your order. Usually, your package will arrive on the nearest Friday, as long as the order is made before the arrival date (Thursday). However, we are not able to provide same-day delivery as we would require time to bake and prepare your order.

We would call/email to the contact given to us to inform you of the arrival time of your order. If you are unable to receive it, we would inform you via the same method and leave a note to notify you of its arrival and location respectively.

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To Eat
$10 / month

  1. Delivery
  2. Payment online
  3. Cash back

To Bake
$15 / month

  1. Delivery
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  3. Cash back

To Eat & Bake best buy
$25 / month

  1. Delivery
  2. Payment online
  3. Cash back

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